Automotive and Engineering

In 1945, our founder, Abdul Latif Jameel, began his quest to help meet the expanding need for consumer choice in personal transportation and opened his first automotive outlet in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In 1955, the company was appointed as a Toyota distributor, placing an initial order of four vehicles.  

Sixty years later, our relationship of mutual respect with Toyota Motor Corporation has enabled us to transform ourselves from a modest Saudi-based company into a global automotive business, delivering end-to-end service to our commercial clients and retail customers in eight countries.  Our pioneering development efforts have taken us from that single purchase to being one of the leading independent Toyota distributors in the world, helping Toyota and six other leading automotive brands deliver success.


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Abdul Latif Jameel celebrates our 60th anniversary of partnership with Toyota

Comprehensive Expertise

Using our “Guest First” philosophy, we seek to delight our guests at every interaction to provide the best ownership experience possible.  To achieve this goal, we manage virtually every step along the vehicle supply chain – from release of just-assembled new vehicles to a pre-owned one many years later:

Vehicle Distribution

We’ve created a global distribution business, with a considerable and significant automotive network in Saudi Arabia, with  Toyota and Lexus, and growing operations in seven other countries such as Turkey and Morocco. We’re providing people with mobility by representing some of the world’s most recognized automotive brands.

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Commercial Equipment

To help facilitate industrial and economic development in the region, we’ve taken our experience in automotive distribution and sales and applied it to a more industrial environment as a leading commercial equipment provider.

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Expanded Vehicle Services

We want to ensure our customers get the best service and quality for all their automotive needs, so we've expanded our service suite, from lubricants to accessory development and component manufacturing to deliver one of the best all-round ownership experiences.

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A Global Presence

With one of the most comprehensive automotive networks in Saudi Arabia and growing operations in seven other key markets, we’re providing mobility across MENAT, Europe, and Asia.

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Offering services since 1993 with Toyota distributor operations:

  • Forklift vehicle distribution for Toyota, Daihatsu, Hino, Foton.
  • Toyota Industrial Equipment
  • Aftermarket parts distribution


Offering services since 1998:

  • Toyota and Lexus retail outlets
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Operations
  • Aftermarket parts manufacturing


Offering services since 1999:

  • Vehicle distribution for Ford, Daihatsu, and Hino
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Operations
  • Aftermarket parts distribution
  • Financial services


Offered services since 2005:

  • Lexus retail outlet
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Operations


Offering services since 2011:

  • Aftermarket parts manufacturing


Offering services since 1995:

  • Vehicle distribution for Toyota and Hino
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Operations

Saudi Arabia

Offering services since 1955:

  • Vehicle distribution and retailer outlets for Toyota, Lexus
  • Commercial equipment operations for Toyota Industrial Equipment and Komatsu Construction and Mining
  • Financial services
  • Accessorization and conversion services
  • Customized accessories
  • Auto Body repairs
  • Oil and lubricants
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Operations
  • Vehicle components and manufacturing
  • Telematics


We've had a presence since 2008:

  • Aftermarket parts manufacturing


Offering services since 2009:

  • Vehicle distribution and dealerships for Toyota and Lexus
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Operations
  • Financial services
  • Aftermarket parts manufacturing
  • Aftermarket parts distribution
  • Denso joint-venture operations began in 2013

United Kingdom

Offering services since 2006:

  • Toyota and Lexus retail outlets
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Operations