Working in the Middle East / Saudi Arabia

Overview of Saudi Arabia

Date Posted: December 7, 2015      

There are many benefits of working in Saudi Arabia. Not only can salaries and packages be considerably higher than most other countries in the world, but your net income receives a considerable boost through the absence of personal income tax.

An additional plus awaiting expatriate employees upon completion of their contract is the ‘end of contract gratuity’ which can amount to a significant sum as it is based on salary and number of years employed by their employer (although it is important to remember some things are not provided such as pension plans).

Saudi Arabia enjoys year-round sunshine, which most view as a considerable bonus. In addition, life inside the residential communities common in the country, affords families access to a good social community, and various sporting amenities and facilities including swimming pools, gyms and tennis courts on site.

Working in Saudi Arabia is an excellent opportunity to experience a different culture and way of life. Career prospects are wide and varied and feature exceptional financial benefits.