Living in the Middle East / United Arab Emirates

The Right Mindset

Date Posted: February 17, 2016      

Moving to a new country is an exciting prospect, particularly if you have not lived abroad before. It is not, however, for everyone. The most successful expatriates are those whom, along with their families, approach living outside their home country with the right mindset.

This means being open to new experiences and new cultures – including all that this brings, such as food, people, traditions, language behaviors, and so on. It means embracing every day as a new adventure. And, of course, being tolerant, patient and to some extent understanding that you are a ‘guest’ in your new country and adopting a level of respect and humility.

Adjusting to a new culture and lifestyle happens at a different speed for everybody, and you shouldn’t expect to feel settled and comfortable straightaway. Being away from family and friends can be daunting, yet living overseas brings with it such a fantastic opportunity to broaden your beliefs, your knowledge and create memories that will last a lifetime. Remember that cultural adjustment is something you do, not something that happens to you.