Faisal Elsamannoudi

Faisal Elsamannoudi

Faisal Elsamannoudi

Vice Chairman

Abdul Latif Jameel Commercial Development Company

Faisal Elsamannoudi is Vice Chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel Commercial Development Company, part of Abdul Latif Jameel, a collective of independent international, family-owned and diversified businesses, founded in 1945 by the late Abdul Latif Jameel.

Mr. Elsamannoudi leads Abdul Latif Jameel’s expansion and diversification in businesses adjacent to core automotive distribution, including pre-owned vehicles operations, repair, service and accessories, oil and lubricants solutions, and non-automotive logistics. Faisal Elsamannoudi is a member of the board of Abdul Latif Jameel Enterprises.

Prior to taking up his current role, Mr. Elsamannoudi held a number of positions within Abdul Latif Jameel as well as with Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan.

Faisal Elsamannoudi serves as the Chairman of Al-Muwaddah, an NGO focusing on family development programs and community empowerment. He also serves as a board member of a technology company in Saudi Arabia and leads the social and shelter-homes programs of Abdul Latif Jameel and Hayat Abdul Latif Jameel. 

Mr. Elsamannoudi holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from King Saud University, Riyadh, and studied Global Management at INSEAD in France.

Abdul Latif Jameel’s core business areas include transportation, engineering and manufacturing, financial services, land and real estate, energy and environmental services, consumer products, and advertising and media. Based in the MENAT region, Abdul Latif Jameel has a presence in more than 30 countries over six continents, including Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, North and South America. It employs approximately 11,000 people from over 40 nationalities.