UK shoots towards goal of a cleaner driving future

As more than nine million hybrid cars cruise the world’s roads, the future of driving looks increasingly ‘clean’.  With better fuel efficiency, lower servicing costs and reduced maintenance bills, it’s not hard to see why hybrids are taking an ever-larger share of the market.  Uber has promised to ensure that its drivers only use hybrid or electric cars from 2020, and a succession of manufacturers have pledged to make only hybrid or electric cars in the imminent future.

The UK is one of many major automotive markets where sales of electric hybrid cars – a technology spearheaded by Toyota – continue to grow; a trend that has been further fueled by the government’s decision to ban new diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040.

For Charles Clark, Abdul Latif Jameel’s Toyota dealership in the UK, the legislative and cultural changes are good news

In September 2017, it held an event at Molineux Stadium, the home of former Premier League football club Wolverhampton Wanderers, to promote Toyota’s hybrid range to local buyers.

The C-HR, RAV4, Yaris and Prius were all available for hour-long test drives.  Afterwards, a majority of the test drivers said the Toyota hybrids performed better and provided a smoother drive than comparative models from other manufacturers.

And it is not just the mid-market where hybrids are making an impression.  In the luxury market, the Lexus LC is also set to make its mark – despite only 300 being released in the UK so far.  The LC is the first Lexus to use a Lithium-ion battery and clocks 0-60 mph in an impressive 4.7 seconds.

As the the UK shoots towards a hybrid/electric motoring future, Charles Clark and Abdul Latif Jameel are not only keeping the ground maintained with their sponsorship of the soccer teams ground maintenance team, but poised to help customers score in the industry’s electrifying new future

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