Four Principles launches Lean Management awards

Companies of all sizes in Saudi Arabia have been challenged to embrace a culture of continuous improvement after Four Principles, Abdul Latif Jameel’s new ‘Lean Management’ company, launched the Four Principles Kaizen Awards.

Senior figures from Four Principles introduced the awards, which will recognize organizations for ‘innovative and effective implementation’ of Lean principles, during a series of education workshops held across the country in partnership with the Small and Medium Enterprises Authority (Monsha’at).

Seif Shieshakly, Founder and Managing Partner at Four Principles, said: “A lean business model is the embodiment of our philosophy: ‘Kaizen.  Zero waste implemented.’  It puts into practice long-term, sustainable efficiencies that increase profitability at the same time as improving value for customers.”

Lean Management involves a profound change in corporate culture, led by a belief and investment from a company’s top-tier management.

Both public and private sector organizations can enter the awards by submitting case studies into one of two categories: ‘Continuous Improvement Process’ or ‘Lean Transformation’. Award submissions can be submitted online until May 1, 2018.

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