Four Principles and IKEA – Using lean management to improve customer service

Homeowners and tenants will enjoy better customer service across Saudi Arabia after a pioneering new partnership was announced between Four Principles, Abdul Latif Jameel’s dedicated lean management company, and IKEA Saudi Arabia.

IKEA staff will be trained in lean management principles and tools that can help them improve business efficiency and better serve customer needs by enhancing the shopping experience.

  Seif Shieshakly, Four Principles Co-Founder and Managing Partner, said: “We see IKEA Saudi Arabia as innovative leaders not only in retail but also in investing in their employees, which is at the heart of ‘Lean’.

“We at Four Principles are proud to be supporting IKEA’s investment in its employees that will reap rewards in their ability to serve customers better.”

The Japanese ‘Kaizen’ philosophy of continuous improvement was first pioneered by Toyota Motor Corporation. It has since become widely accepted as the global benchmark for delivering operational efficiency.

IKEA has been operating in Saudi Arabia since 1983, through a franchise agreement with Ghassan Al Sulaiman Furniture Trading Co. Ltd.

Saud Al Sulaiman, CEO of IKEA Saudi Arabia, said: “Our vision is to transform IKEA through the empowerment of our staff teams. This is our continuous journey to both delight and win the heart of our customers by exceeding their expectations for what makes a pleasurable shopping experience.”

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