Bab Rizq Jameel, an initiative of Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives (ALJCI), created 19,771 jobs (unverified by the external auditor) through its international branches in Egypt, Turkey and Morocco in 2012. This is added to the 58,478 job opportunities that BRJ has created in Saudi Arabia during the same year.

Dr. Maaz Al-Faramawi, Bab Rizq Jameel International Branches Executive Director revealed that Bab Rizq Jameel International operation is highly successful. He added that the 2012 results have been achieved through five branches in Egypt, one branch in Turkey and four branches in Morocco.

“Bab Rizq Jameel has helped to create 25,862 jobs in Egypt, 1,753 in Turkey and 6,970 in Morocco, totaling 34,585 job opportunities, with non-repayment ratio of only 1.0%. We are seeking to expand to all Middle Eastern countries,” Al-Faramawi added.

Bab Rizq Jameel Egypt:

Bab Rizq Jameel inaugurated its first branch in Egypt in 2009, and helped to create 6,910 job opportunities in the same year. In 2012, the branch created 25,862 job opportunities, representing 75% of the overall job opportunities achieved internationally. Sayed Al-Ghol, Bab Rizq Jameel Egypt director, stated that at the beginning of 2012, Bab Rizq Jameel activity in Egypt has expanded geographically and number of job creators was increased to cover 5 branches; Giza, Shobra, Banha, Shobra Al Khaima and Bolaq Al Dakror. The capacity of the job creation teams has been increased to cover the maximum area near each branch through all programs. The productive household program created a total of 22,256 job opportunities, small projects finance created 2,614, truck ownership created 981 and 10 job opportunities through the direct employment program. In addition, Bab Rizq Jameel Egypt provided support to the first case in the “broken expatriate Saudi families support program, which is implemented in cooperation with the Saudi embassy in Cairo. Accordingly, a total of 25,862 job opportunities have been created in Egypt. Al-Ghol added that the repayment ratio in Bab Rizq Jameel Egypt for all programs has reached 99.32% by the end of 2012. Examples of small projects financed by Bab Rizq Jameel Egypt include tricycle ownership, leather goods, aluminum products, mechanical workshops, tailor outlets, jewelry shops, mobile phone retailers, accessories and gifts, warehouses, supermarket and dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

Bab Rizq Jameel Turkey:

Dr. Fatih Gul, Bab Rizq Jameel Turkey director, is in charge of Bab Rizq Jameel Turkey which was inaugurated in Istanbul in October 2010. The branch created 1,753 job opportunities through its diversified programs, including 544 job opportunities through the productive household program, 701 job opportunities through the direct employment program, in addition to 508 through the training ending with employment program. According to Gul, Turkey branch has been established in a prominent location and staffed with job creation specialists.

Bab Rizq Jameel Morocco:

Bab Rizq Jameel Morocco started operations at its first branch at Casablanca in September 2011.Mr. Nabil Shaban revealed that in 2012 the number of branches has increased to four, in Casablanca, Lisasfa, Al Mohammadiya and Al Barnosi. The four Bab Rizq Jameel branches in Morocco created 6,970 job opportunities through the household support and small projects finance programs.

In Saudi Arabia, Bab Rizq Jameel has created 58,478 job opportunities during 2012, and is seeking to create 65,000 during 2013.