Energy and Environmental Services

With power demand in the MENAT region set to grow by 7% annually until 2020, the development of additional renewable energy sources is a social and strategic imperative.  New energy targets established by the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and those of the wider MENAT region are opening up significant opportunities in power production and conservation.

With a focus on environmental and social responsibility, as well as regional government initiatives, we’re prioritizing energy efficiency and reduced consumption of finite resources.
We’re positioned to meet these needs and bring sustainable power to the region by partnering with energy experts and tapping the financial acumen and operational strength of the wider Abdul Latif Jameel network.
Together with our energy partners, we’ll lead the region in creating sustainable energy through power infrastructure development, sustainable power generation, alternative resources, and energy efficiency.


annual growth projected until 2020 in MENAT region


of renewable energy targeted by 2030 in Saudi Arabia’s 'Vision 2030' plan


of power projected in Abdul Latif Jameel's energy portfolio

Photovoltaic Solar Power

Our initial focus is in photovoltaic (PV) solar energy which is why, in 2015, we acquired Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), a leading international developer of large-scale solar projects. While we bring regional knowledge and financial capability to the table, FRV brings its extensive experience

in engineering, development and construction of solar, and wind, installations. Our combined strength makes us the largest GCC-based solar photovoltaic developer and one of the largest in the world.

We are currently exploring photovoltaic solar opportunities within the MENAT region and beyond.

In line with our ongoing commitment to economic development, we place a key focus on building a sustainable legacy in countries where we establish projects.  We aim to create jobs at all levels, including the training of the local workforces to create renewable energy expertise within that country.

For more information about Fotowatio Renewable Ventures, please visit:

Renewables continues to be the fastest-growing power source; the share of renewable energy in global power generation is expected to rise over 26% by 2020. 

International Energy Agency

Exploring Alternative Resources

We’re also actively evaluating partnerships and investments in other types of renewable energy, such as concentrated solar power (CSP), wind, waste-to-energy, combined cycle, and hydropower generation.
Complementing our energy offerings, we’ll also look at other resource needs for the region’s growing population, including their increasing demand for water.  We plan to eventually include desalination and waste management in our portfolio.

Our global track record, backed up by Abdul Latif Jameel Energy and Environmental Services’ financial strength and presence across the MENAT region, will significantly increase our ability to establish our leadership in diversifying national energy production in strategic markets.

Rafael Benjumea

Our Global Reach

Abdul Latif Jameel Energy and Environmental Services is the largest GCC-based solar PV developer and one of the leading solar PV developers in the world.

Enabling Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a core focus in the MENAT region with many countries launching their own government-backed initiatives and targets to reduce the consumption of energy.

We plan to support the achievement of these energy conservation targets with internationally experienced partners.  We will engage in services including energy audits, retrofitting, and remote monitoring to reduce the energy and water consumption of both public and private buildings.

Our strategy is to focus on renewable energies. The acquisition of FRV is tangible evidence of the progress we are making towards establishing ourselves in the global energy sector.

Roberto De Diego Arozamena
Chief Executive Officer,
Abdul Latif Jameel Energy and Environmental Services

On the Horizon

Through our deep knowledge and relationships, we’re ideally positioned and committed to help countries of the MENAT region in meeting their established energy targets.

With experienced energy partners, we’ll support energy base load needs by developing partnerships with major power generators.  Once launched, we plan to maintain operation and maintenance in the plants we develop, so we can create local jobs and a sustainable legacy of sector expertise in the process.

We’re interested in exploring the full breadth of the energy sector.  For example, we are pursuing opportunities for advancement and/or innovation in thin-film, self-cleaning, hydrophobic nano coatings for solar panels and other technologies that can improve power plant performance in hot desert environments that are so prevalent in the MENAT region.

In 2012, Saudi Arabia  announced plans to produce 10% of its energy from sustainable sources by 2020.

Deloitte report: Middle East Energy and Resources, Managing scarcity for the future