Our Values

Our Values

We invest from the heart of Arabia across the promising MENAT region and beyond.  For decades we have opened new doors to the region and we continue to open more – in more countries, across more product lines, and in new industry sectors.

We are helping businesses who look further to reach further – into new markets, new homes, and new opportunities.  We are also supporting people who strive for the better – better means, better lives, and better prospects.

We can do this because we are determined in our quest for new potential, we remain dedicated to regional development, and we continue to be mindful of the needs of our fellow citizens.

Throughout our evolution our core values have remained unchanged: they underpin who we are as a business and serve as a compass for our actions:


We pride ourselves on being a responsible business and conduct our business operations with integrity and honesty.  We are respectful of all those we work with, from our employees to our partners and to the local communities that we work within. 


We are dedicated to continuous improvement and to consistently challenging ourselves to exceed expectations.  We are precise with our actions and passionate about the details that make the difference.  With this at the core of our business, we place a strong focus on continuously improving our service to deliver an enhanced experience to everybody we do business with.


We see challenge as an opportunity and always look for new ideas to make a difference.  We have retained the visionary and determined outlook of our late founder, Abdul Latif Jameel, who was dedicated to conscientious growth and the pursuit of positive change.  It is this legacy which keeps our business moving forward today, unlocking potential in the region and striving for excellence.


We understand that businesses have a vital role to play in supporting communities, providing opportunities and enabling local economic growth.  We take this responsibility seriously.  That’s why one of our main business imperatives has always been to give back to society through our cultural, social, and economic Community Initiative programs.



years nurturing enterprise and unlocking potential in the MENAT region


people have been helped into work through our multi-country job creation programs since 2003


to social and economic sustainability