• Positioned for East-to-East trade

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  • Middle East looks to a renewable
    energy future

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  • Addressing Saudi Arabia’s growing demand for middle-income housing

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  • Joining the fight to combat global water and food scarcity

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  • Forging answers to one of mankind’s biggest challenges

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Our Story

  • Abdul Latif Jameel has Opened New Doors

    For years, we’ve opened new doors

    From the heart of Arabia through the fast-developing Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey (MENAT) region, we’ve been leading the way for nearly 70 years. Our pioneering spirit and determined focus are reflected in everything we do – seeking new markets, developing partnerships, nurturing enterprise, finding new ways of doing things and creating value.

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  • Abdul Latif Jameel is Opening More Doors

    Now we’re opening more doors

    Backed by deep knowledge and on-the-ground experience across the MENAT region, we’re embarking on a new journey – taking Abdul Latif Jameel to a new level through promising ventures and strategic partnerships that channel inward investment into the Middle East.

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  • Abdul Latif Jameel is Helping Businesses

    We’re helping businesses that look further to reach further

    We’ve capitalized on our comprehensive business expertise from decades in the automotive sector and applied it to new sectors that contribute to the infrastructure of life.  It’s our intent to help people advance their quality of life by unlocking new potential.

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  • Abdul Latif Jameel is Helping People who Strive for Better

    We’re helping people who strive for better to have better

    In line with the vision of our founder, we are compelled to improve the social and economic welfare of the growing population of the MENAT region – and beyond.

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